Case Study: Fix It Faster - Transforming Home Services through Technology

Krishna Kumar Vepakomma |

Case Study: Fix It Faster - Transforming Home Services through Technology

Client: Fix It Faster Industry: Home Services

Services Provided by Innoworks: Custom Software Development, MVP Development, Ongoing Technology Support, Platform Expansion, and Continuous Product Innovation

Partnership Duration: 2013 - Present

Background: Fix It Faster, based in Sydney, offers concierge-style home services, providing a seamless experience for customers and service providers. The company approached Innoworks in 2013 to build an MVP and establish a digital platform for their innovative service model.

Challenge: Fix It Faster's challenge was to create a digital platform that could seamlessly connect customers with a wide range of home services. The platform needed to be intuitive, scalable, and feature-rich, supporting services like scheduling, job management, invoicing, payments, and customer relationship management. As Fix It Faster's business model evolved, they required continuous enhancements to their platform to stay ahead in the competitive home services market.

Solution: Innoworks developed an MVP focusing on core functionalities like service provider matching, job scheduling, and secure payments. As Fix It Faster grew, Innoworks provided:

  • Development of a user-friendly mobile app, enhancing the customer experience.

  • Integration of real-time tracking, communication tools, and customer notifications.

  • Implementation of a comprehensive CRM system for better customer engagement.

  • Expansion of the platform to include features like live chat, business insights, and integration with accounting software.

  • Development of custom integrations, APIs, and webhooks to cater to specific business needs.


  • Robust Platform: Fix It Faster's platform became a comprehensive solution for home services, offering features like immediate quote receiving, live job status updates, and transparent communication.
  • Increased Customer Base: The platform attracted a large customer base in Sydney, with users praising its ease of use and efficiency.
  • High Service Provider Engagement: Many service providers joined Fix It Faster, benefiting from features like job management, invoicing, and live customer tracking.
  • Positive Feedback: Customers and service providers provided glowing testimonials, highlighting the app's user-friendliness and effectiveness in connecting users with quality home services.
  • Business Growth: Fix It Faster experienced significant growth, both in terms of revenue and market presence, becoming a leading platform for home services in Sydney.

Conclusion: The partnership between Fix It Faster and Innoworks is a testament to how technology can revolutionize industry practices. Innoworks' expertise in software development and continuous innovation played a crucial role in Fix It Faster's transformation from a startup to a leading home services platform. This case study showcases Innoworks' ability to adapt to client needs, provide ongoing support, and drive significant business growth through technological solutions.

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